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sharing some of the

MOST EFFECTIVE study strategies and exam performance techniques
with YOUR parent/carer community?

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Three dates and times that would best suit your school.

>  Any specific requests, e.g. key focus points that your school/a cohort is currently focusing on.

All webinars are live and customised to best serve your school, so feel free to let me know!!


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Parent Info Evening - WEBINAR
Customised for your school and delivered by Australia's
'Grade Transformation Expert'
to your parent/carer community.

Popular Parent Webinars:

Y11 and Y12 parents of ATAR students:
3 Secrets of a Senior Examiner:
Help your teen skyrocket their ATAR exam performance and confidence - without ANY subject knowledge yourself - so they achieve best possible results AND enjoy the journey along the way.


Parents of Y9-12 students

What's REALLY required for exam success?
Instantly actionable strategies to sky-rocket your teen's grades THIS year (yep, really)… and launch into NEXT year with the confidence and tools for best EVER success.

Hey, while you're here...
Check out the testimonials below to see what this training has already done for parents, students and teachers!

~ Testimonials ~

  • 'It's literally worked across EVERY subject!... The best thing is, I don't have to worry anymore'

    Lynda Kelliher - Mum, NSW

  • 'I'm ranking 1st or 2nd in my classes and getting 90% in exams'

    Chelsea Kelliher - Y12 Student

Lisa Pizzey (High School Teacher - English)

"I just wanted to say that was the most useful and detailed and engaging workshop I've ever seen (and I've taught for MANY years and seen a LOT of presentations and workshops!). I love your style and energy and how engaging you make everything.

The content and strategies you covered are so practical and actionable for students. It's awesome to have such an experienced educator be able to share so many insights. That was just amazing.

I hope that they all realise just how lucky they are to have had you come in and deliver this to them!"

"Students - I can honestly tell you that I've never seen advice or information as useful and practical and detailed as this. Seriously, this is the best training session I've seen in any school I've worked in. I hope you make the most of asking Katie any questions while she's here and keep those workbooks with you at all times."

  • 'He was the typical boy - could tell you all about a topic, but ask him to write it...'

    Tammy Halter - mum (Brisbane, QLD)

  • 'Before - I was stuck, I didn't know what I was doing...
    Now - In my latest English assignment, I got a solid A'

    Josh (Y12) - Brisbane, QLD

Cathy Mansfield (Senior Humanities Teacher)

  • 'This gives students 'the golden ticket'.'

    Nicole Holmes - Mum, (Sydney, NSW)

  • 'I was frustrated with my results, now I'm stoked'

    Jessica Holmes (Y11) - Sydney, NSW

  • 'These are critical skills for any student'

    Katy Dymond - Mum - Perth, WA

  • 'I feel a lot more confident in my core subjects...
    I know what I need to do now'

    Elley Dymond (Y10) - Perth, WA

  • 'She's gone from struggling to get an A, to getting 7 A's'

    Cath Dimmick - Mum (Brisbane, QLD)

  • 'I'm a lot more confident and independent now. I feel like I can just get in and get it done'

    Bethany Dimmick - Y10 (Brisbane, QLD)

  • 'Katie is the most conscientious and enthusiastic teacher I know, and also one of the most experienced in working with exam boards.
    She puts so much energy into everything she does and students are the beneficiaries of that.
    Any school who gets to have her work with them is at a
    huge advantage.'


    Ross Whale - Maths Teacher and Exam Marker, The Scots College, Sydney.



What's in it for my school?

What dates do you have available?

How does the webinar work? (AKA, what do I have to do?)

I know you're busy.
(Understatement, right?!)
So you don't need to do A.N.Y.thing!

We'll set up the webinar and registration page for your parents/carers.
We'll set up email reminders to go out to them on the morning of the session.
We'll send you parent info text and blurbs to post in your school newsletter and on the school Facebook page to publicise the event.
We'll run the whole evening. Introduce myself, 'give out' the info booklet they get to keep, take Q&A at the end.

And because it's a webinar event you don't have to put out chairs, make small talk with people, or mess about with the projector and audio (do those things EVER work first time?!) ;)

The webinar will go for around 50 mins, with 10mins for open Q&A (though I always stay on as long as required to answer all Q's) :)

You're really welcome to come along, but you don't have to.

All you have to do is decide on the date and time and then send an email to book me in!

Can't wait to hear from you!

A webinar. How? Why?

I know, I get it.

The traditional way is for professional speakers to come to your school, take over the lecture theatre or performance space, and deliver a presentation or talk to your parent community.

But, aside from the obvious (hello Covid), parents actually PREFER the webinar system.
No travel time, no having to change into 'school clothes'/fix up hair or make-up, no having to get dinner ready early, no need drive around 3 times to find a park.

Therefore attendance is higher and therefore more of your students are positively impacted.

The cost and investment for everyone involved is lower.
You don't have to book out the space, set it up, be there to meet and greet.
I don't have to travel and therefore can charge a much lower speaker fee than I would in person.
Parents only need to commit for an hour, not see it as a 'whole evening thing'.


How much does it cost to book you?

The cost for the webinar (and ALL resources in the lead up and for attendees to 'take away') is
just $997.

An invoice will be sent with your confirmation.

Here's why I'm making this available for such a low cost:

- Normally I charge at least $2000 (plus travel costs) to speak at schools and only usually offer this to schools who I deliver PD programs to.
No travel means lower costs AND the ability to reach more communities with these skills and info.

- I love the webinar format and have delivered literally hundreds of them - to teachers and school leadership, to parents, to students. 
All of my programs are delivered online and always have been. It's effective and super-efficient and students, teachers and parents love that!

That's why I'm more than happy to offer this opportunity at a rate that means we cover our admin and webinar tech costs, and provide HUGE value to your school and your parent community.


Customised for your school and delivered by Katie,
Australia's 'Grade Transformation Expert'
to your parent/carer community.

To book, or find out more, please email


3 potential dates and times that would suit you.

>  Any specific requests, e.g. key focus points that school/cohort is currently focusing on.
All webinars are live and customised to best serve your school, so feel free to let me know!!


We’ll get back to you within 24 hours!